9 Valentine’s Day Content Ideas for Small Businesses

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You’ve just recovered from Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and now it’s already time to get your Valentine’s Day content creation cracking. Do you feel stumped for ideas and need some inspiration? Click the link to read the full blog post for ideas suitable for any brand!

Consumers spend up big on Valentine’s Day. In 2018 the average spend of consumers was $143.56 per person, or $19.7 billion big ones collectively, according to the National Retail Federation. In Australia in 2017, Aussie’s dropped $13.6 million on dinner, $7 million on drinks and $3.2 million on flowers!! Shockingly, I don’t recall any of those flowers or dinners heading my way….Hmmm. Outrageous.

Getting back on track, these figures show Valentine’s Day is an event which should definitely feature in your digital marketing strategy. However, the pressure to spend can send consumers into a spin, so why not take the edge off with some light tips and ideas? And remember, even if your product or service isn’t your typical romantic “Valentine’s Day gift”, you can still create content directed to the right customer. It’s not uncommon for consumers to buy gifts for friends and family members, so you don’t necessarily have to cater to loved-up couples.

Keep scrolling to read my list of 9 Valentine’s Day content creation ideas to include in your digital marketing strategy.

Date Ideas

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same old Netflix and Chill for Valentine’s Day, especially if you’ve been a couple for awhile. How about offering some fresh and innovative date ideas through a blog or social media post? Keep your audience engaged by adding an interesting image or video, or perhaps work in how a product or service of yours can add value to their date.

Here’s a few ideas off the top of my head:

  • A wine or chocolate tasting
  • Dancing at a salsa club, or a visit to a Jazz Bar (seriously, when was the last time you went to a jazz bar?!)
  • Ice skating
  • Home movie night – a fancy version of Netflix and Chill. Make some popcorn, wine, Cadbury chocolate and a great film all from the comfort of your couch
  • Sight-Seeing. You’d be surprised how many people haven’t been to tourist destinations in their own city. Perhaps finished off with dinner?
  • A limousine ride to scenic spots with champagne (because of course)
  • Bowling – Who doesn’t love bowling?! Even if you’re terrible and need to use the gutter guards (not mentioning any names…) it’s always a laugh and something most people don’t do very often yet generally enjoy


Gift Ideas

Many have no idea what to buy their loved one for Valentine’s Day, making this celebration a convenient way for you to promote what you’re selling with gift suggestions (even if your products aren’t conventional). This is an opportunity for you to get creative and offer something different, and remember many people buy gifts for friends and family too so you don’t always have to focus on the romance element.

Customer Love Stories

I think a really cute idea is to run a competition where you ask followers to photo/caption or video their unique love story and offer a prize for the best one. Perhaps some of your followers met in very unusual circumstances, or were reunited after many years apart, or, you could ask followers to tell you about their most memorable date. You could run this as a competition and giveaway a prize to the most compelling story. Create a unique hashtag to get it trending and for others to follow. Below is a good example of hashtag use by The Body Shop in 2018.

the body shop instagram valentines day

Valentine’s Day Discount or free gift with purchase

A simple idea is to run a discount in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. For online orders, you could offer an extra little gift for each purchase during a certain time period. It could be something like a free box of chocolates included in every order, or a small gift like a lipstick or perfume sample, or even a voucher.

Promote your offer on social media and through e-newsletters in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day or through Facebook advertising. Mailchimp does easy pop-up boxes to place on your website for you to collect new email addresses and send new subscribers a discount to their inbox too.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Content

Valentine’s Day isn’t all sunshine and roses for everyone, there are some people who feel down in the dumps on such occasions. There are also people who find the occasion to be fake and just another avenue for consumerism and superficial displays of love. There aren’t many brands who cater to this audience, so there might be an avenue here for those thinking outside the box. You can ask your followers to share their most disastrous dates, worst gifts they’ve received, funniest stories etc. Perhaps make a video showing how superficial Valentine’s Day can be.

Baker and Author Katharine Sabbath posted an anti-valentine’s day post in 2018 which resonated highly with her audience. See below.

katharine sabbath valentine's day

Educational Content

Many people are clueless as to the history behind the dates we celebrate – this is where you come in. Did you know it’s likely there was more than one St. Valentine? There was also a Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929 . You could share content to your social media profiles providing insight into the topic to get people engaged. It’s also a good idea to find a way to tie your brand into the details and build around that.

If you’re a fashion or beauty brand you could offer some beauty or fashion tips such as first date outfit guides or makeup tutorials. If food is your thing, you could include some cool recipes to try.

Run a competition

There’s many different types of competitions you could run here. You could ask customers to post a selfie with your product and caption it with a love story or favourite quote. Dunkin’ Donuts did a great one in 2017. Don’t forget to customise your own hashtag to go with it.

Dunkin Donuts coffee


Budget Date and Gift Ideas

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many of us who have cash to burn. Customers love a bargain so you can make this work to your advantage. Create a list of low-key or budget gift and date ideas, even recipes, and weave your product or service into the content. Consumers will be ever so grateful to you for helping them ball on a budget!

Stretched for time? Make a simple Valentine’s Day post or email

Finally, if you’re super strapped for time and your Valentine’s Day digital marketing strategy isn’t organised, you can also make a simple post to wish your followers a Happy Valentine’s Day! Create a cute video or photo and share it to your social media to greet your followers in the morning.
You can also email all your subscribers to wish them a special day. Simply Gluten Free has a nice example below.



Author: Melissa Moyle

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